Core Values

Our core values frame our intentions and interactions across the entire Creation Chamber "family": the clients we pursue and serve, the people we hire and work with, and the vendors and partners in whom we place our trust. Regardless of the group, our values are focused on addressing the 6 basic human needs of certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth, and contribution. Here they are:

ABC (Always Be Changing)

In our industry, the only constant is change. We embrace that reality by supporting and driving constant improvements in our systems, our culture, and our strategy, knowing that nothing provides more security than staying ahead of the risks. Yes, this means we never really feel “settled,” but in this space, that’s a good thing. 

DELIGHT Others Daily

We believe that every project, every interaction, and every day can be 10 times more powerful when combined with fun! Fun is a muscle that can be built to unlimited size through consistent practice. To that end, we leverage humor, attention, adventure, and enthusiasm in unique and unexpected ways to help make someone’s day, every day.


Our individual strengths and weaknesses become irrelevant when we perform as a team. We embrace our diversity and believe in our collective self enough to constantly communicate with honesty, transparency, humility, and vulnerability. We encourage direct disagreement and have no problem saying "I don't know."

Find CLEVER Ways to Succeed

When budgets and outside rules block the obvious paths to success, we hack the system with thrift, efficiency, creativity, and just the right amount of risk. More money (when available) can always be thrown at a challenge, but resourcefulness is the ultimate resource. It's our creativity that feeds our appetite for positive outcomes.

Keep It Simple AF (and Fun)

Complexity is the enemy of execution, yet we operate in a field where most players create and drive unnecessary complexity habitually. The most successful, however, do the opposite. They know that people don't trust what they don't understand. That a simple experience is a great experience. That deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do. Our very brand is about distilling things down to the essential, valuable components, while removing the impurities and unnecessary elements. Smart simplicity, and the resulting elegance, drive every decision we make.

DEVELOP Yourself and Others

Some of us will work with Creation Chamber longer than others, but we want every member of our family to grow throughout their experience here. We set ambitious goals for our own personal and professional growth, and we selflessly help others pursue theirs.

Make Our Mission Your PASSION

We know we can’t help every business, so we focus our efforts on those we can benefit the most. Building a business that provides jobs, opportunities, and futures is great. Building hundreds of such businesses that are dedicated to helping people live more fulfilling lives is even better. That's our mission. That's our passion.

DELIVER On Expectations

Ultimately, we choose to commit ourselves to the success and happiness of the Creation Chamber family and that requires each of us to contribute at the expected level. We deliver through accountability, loyalty, professionalism and integrity, always remembering that our job isn't to provide a service, it's to produce a result.